February 1st, 2018


Within a split moment, Chris and Ashley Lewer went from being extremely physically competent, high performers to being wheeled away in an ambulance. 

Instances like this happen all the time.

Where fatal car accidents have become an everyday occurrence in modern life. Fortunately for Chris and Ashley, they were blessed to live another day.

Although they survived this near fatal accident,

their lives were forever changed. Facing the challenges from the injuries resulting from the car accident, Chris and Ashley chose to seek alternative paths of healing.


“This is our antidote, let it be yours.”

What grew out of tragedy and chaos,

blossomed into an empowering business that is helping them reclaim their vitality, health and strength through their elixirs.

Who We Are

Ashley Lewer

A holistic and rehabilitative personal trainer with over sixteen years of experience. She specializes in looking at the body as a "whole" to achieve optimal healing for all those she works with.

Chris Lewer

A plant based chef with a background in nutrition and food through the restaurant industry in the New York City area, who has been working with plant medicine for over 20 years.

Our Manifesto

Here at Antidote, we do not believe in boundaries. We are free for all to enjoy.

Gluten Free? We are made in a gluten free facility.
Diabetic? We are diabetic friendly.
Keto? Paleo? We have no sugar and no carbs.
Vegan? We are vegan.
We are plastic free.
We are not mainstream,
We are against the stream.
We are fighters,
We fight for what we believe in.
We believe in proper treatment of animals,
We believe in love for our bees,
We believe in respecting nature,
We believe we vote with our dollar,
We believe in reusing over recycling,
We believe in a circular economy,
We believe in giving back to our community.
We believe the rainforest is worth protecting.
We are donating proceeds to protect the rainforest, .
We are what we believe.

We are antidote.